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Advantages of an Inboard Boat

If you are a new boat buyer you may be thinking “a boat is a boat.” And in terms of floating… well yes, this is true. But if you are wanting to really enjoy all of the on-water activities that boating has to offer: skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, tubing, hanging out and playing in the water, then an inboard boat offers several advantages over an I/O or jet boat. The following are 6 advantages of purchasing an inboard boat.

Geared For Watersports

Inboard boats are built to allow for the best possible conditions for whatever sport you are attacking behind the boat. The hulls are tuned to provide smooth wakes when needed (skiing) and big wakes when shredding (wakeboard or surfing). Their larger engines means you can load the boat up with people (or ballast) and still get the boat up on plane.

Better Handling

The prop and rudder configuration on an inboard allows for a more responsive driving experience. This is imperative when pulling a rider behind the boat. Inboards track straight and you won’t have the side pull that you typically experience on an I/O or jetboat.

This prop and rudder configuration also gives you superior handling when needing to turn around to pickup a fallen skier or rider.

More Efficient

Inboards are naturally more efficient at pulling riders because of the horsepower of the engine. The engine of an inboard is built with superior torque and power. This is important because you will burn less fuel when operating in tow speed ranges. As an added bonus this extra horsepower allows the boat to get up on plane even with many boat passengers.

Safety Matters

We all want to keep our family and friends safe when they are out with us. An inboard boat is safer than an I/O because the prop is tucked underneath the boat and out of the way. This makes it so much safer for sports behind the boat and for swimming. When climbing in and out of the boat you do not have to worry about moving around the prop. When you are swimming you do not have to worry about kicking the prop.


When you are finished with your sports for the day or you just want to take a break you can cruise on over to a cove and enjoy all the creature comforts an inboard has to offer. The inside of an inboard boat is built around ease of use and being able to be out on the water all day. An inboard is ergonomically set up so each passenger is riding in comfort. The seating is more plush and cradles the body. There are cup holders in all the right places. There is ample lighting and walk through doors so that everyone can move and socialize with ease. The storage in an inboard boat is perfectly thought out and there is a place for everything and nothing will crowd the interior passenger space. There are built in coolers and trash compartments. They make the towers easy for one person to put up and down. The stereo systems in these boats are among the best out there. There is no doubt that you will notice a more solid build on an inboard boat.

Built to Last

In general inboard boats are built to stand the test of time. This is often while you will see 15 year old inboards selling for such high amounts. They are better built to handle the elements and everyday wear that a typical boat encounters.